Welcome to the beginning of the journey through our inner world, through which The Great Spirit will guide us towards the awakening of our Christ consciousness.

Elevate Your Consciousness

At Kamentsa Inga Church

Our Purpose

Is to promote the transformation and evolution of beings who seek enlightenment by communing with the Divine Creator.  We organize retreats and sacred ceremonies related to the expansion of consciousness through the sacramental consumption of plant medicine.

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Plant Medicine Sacraments

Natural Plant Medicine In Sacred Ceremonial Environments.

1. Ayahuasca – Yage

Ayahuasca/Yage is a mixture of two Amazonian herbs, (vine of Ayahuasca/Yage and the chacruna or chagropanga – depending on the region), capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, usually for

2. Rapé

Rapé is a sacred shamanic tool for clearing intentions and paving the way for detoxifying the body. It stimulates the nervous system, enabling the body to become more receptive to

3. Tobacco

The tobacco leaves have various medicinal uses, including Rapé. We also prepare tobacco tea used as a purging agent, detoxing the liver and stomach. It also provides results that are

4. Incenses

The most used incenses by the Taitas from the Colombian Amazon in the Ayahuasca/Yage ceremonies, are copal and incenses that are based on bitter plants like rue, abre caminos (fittonia

5. Plants for physical cleansing

With the use of aguardiente (mixture of alcohol and water) as a base liquid and through the maceration process, a tincture extract is obtained from plants like rosemary, and angels

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